Emotional Regulation Workshop

Emotional Regulation Workshop
The Emotional Regulation Training Workshop is a powerful tool for learning the essential skills of emotional state management.  It is a recording of a live webinar with a large number of participants and each facet of Emotional Regulation was covered.  The learning is interactive and goes to great depth in its teaching about how to manage trading emotions.  Most of the traders who participated in the webinar are professional traders who want concise teaching to help them master their emotions while trading. 
It includes lecturing about the nature of emotion and cognition, breathing, muscle relaxation, SafePlace generation, and Stress Inoculation.  You will learn how most traders lose long before they begin their trading day because they do not understand how to manage emotions.  This is a powerful workshop.
IMPORTANT:  This includes two LARGE files.  Because of their size, we will send them to you via our service egnyte.com.  If you have not received them within 12 hours of confirmation of your order, please email Delores at:
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